I will dance with Kelly Clarkson (and whoever sings “Funkytown”) anytime

I got Dance Dance Revolution: Supernova last week, and have been giving it a spin. The GF and I hadn’t busted out the dance pads in a while, and had forgotten how fun and addictive DDR is.

The best part about Supernova is it includes some straight-up pop and rock songs instead of just techno and dance music. Since U Been Gone, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Dance Dance (Fall Out Boy), Let’s Dance (David Bowie) are on the list. And that awesome instrumental song from Kill Bill, which isn’t pop but is still amazing.

But for some reason, you don’t play through the whole song. The board ends about halfway through each, sometimes quicker it seems. After the triple-solo marathons of Guitar Hero’s full songs, this feels not so much like a ripoff as much as inexplicable and lame. My feets can take it! Let me dance through the whole song!

The other big annoying thing is that the initial song list is pretty small, and I can’t figure out how to unlock more songs. In DDR Max 2, the other one I have, it automatically opened up new songs as you finished and scored at a certain level on others. The Supernova instruction book says you earn “dance points” for each song you finish and can use those to unlock new stuff, but I’ve played through more than half the lineup and haven’t been able to open up any new songs. It’s not very user-friendly and open about how it all works.

Anyway, if you’re a DDR fan, it’s worth trying out. If you’ve never played, you should, but you’ll be fine picking up DDR Max 2 for cheap.

— October 16, 2006

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