Microsoft still spinning about 360

Time has a short piece up about the PlayStation 3 “delay.” It’s nothing new, but there’s an interesting little side note that reveals some Xbox 360 dissembling: “Microsoft says it expects that nearly 50 Xbox 360 game titles will be on sale by June.”

That’s funny. Not three weeks ago there was a more optimistic number: “Microsoft has said that by June, it plans to have shipped 4.5 million to 5.5 million Xbox consoles with 80 available games.”

Kotaku says 1.6 million 360s have shipped since September. Microsoft has been talking about a third factory coming online to help the shortage, but at the local EB Games yesterday they had no 360s in stock. They said they get a new shipment about every three weeks, and they already have a list of people who want first dibs. So good luck with that, Microsoft.

As for the number of games, 50 and 80 both seem, well, made up. There have been 25 360 games released so far. Another 9 have release dates in March, April or May; figure three of those will be delayed. Are 15 to 20 more games suddenly going to get finished between now and June? Don’t bet on it.

It’s just another reminder that however bad Sony’s strategy has been so far, Microsoft has done everything possible not to take advantage.

— March 18, 2006

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