The Sony Deathwatch has officially begun

For the past 6 months, I’ve been tracking Sony’s bumbling introduction of the PlayStation 3 and the obsession with Blu-ray that’s behind the high price and delays (the latest: Sony hasn’t even started production of the console, even though it promises 2 million by the end of the year).

Starting in February, you started to see people in the industry floating the idea that Blu-ray was so important to Sony that they were basically betting the company on the next-gen DVD format. It seemed like hyperbole each time, but more and more people kept saying it and Sony kept doing stupid things.

Well, that’s now officially the conventional wisdom. Wired has a big article this month titled “Can the PS3 Save Sony: The company that created the transistor radio and the Walkman is at the precipice. If Sony’s new $600 console doesn’t blow gamers away, it may be time to say sayonara.”

The article’s harsh and unsparing and spot on. Read it if you have any interest in video games, DVDs, or personal electronics.

— August 30, 2006

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