The best in video game cursing

I finished up playing Prey the other day. Okay game, not great, idiotic American Indian theme. My full review will be running soon and I’ll post more thoughts then.

But one part was great. Near the end you get to what seems like a final boss room and have to fight a zillion enemies. It’s a little like the old Mega Man games where you have to refight all the bosses before reaching Dr. Wiley. Anyway, the ostensibly final boss finally appears. It’s pretty clear that it won’t really be the last boss, but still.

So you finally clear that room — but instead of the game ending you’re sent through another portal. And then you hear your character say: “Oh, what the f— now??”

Perfect exasperation at that annoying video game convention. I had mixed feelings about the ample cursing in Prey, but it sure fit that moment.

— August 2, 2006

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