Portfolio: Hard Korr Gamer – The archive

This is the repository for Hard Korr Gamer, my defunct St. Petersburg Times video game blog. The blog won first place for online commentary/blogs in the 2006 Society of Professional Journalists Green Eyeshade Awards, recognizing the best journalism in 11 Southeastern states; and placed third in the 2007 Green Eyeshade Awards. Whee! Any new posts about video games will go on the main Korr Values blog, but I wanted to put these old posts for posterity’s sake.

Award-Winning Posts:

  • Winning entry for Online Commentary/Blogs in the SPJ 2006 Green Eyeshade Awards:
    • Video games as art, Prelude: Why Roger Ebert is right
    • Video games as art, Part I: The auteur problem
    • Video games as art, Part II: Gamers aren’t Michael Chabon
    • Video games as art, Part III: Some narratives are more equal than others
    • Video games as art, Part IV: Respecting games as games

Other notable posts:

Posts by Month:

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