In which I join the cool kids on Twitter

I’ve been a Twitter skeptic for a while. I have a blog already; wary of more time-sucks; what’s the point; etc. Then again, I didn’t get RSS at first either. And after seeing this cute little video (via Craig Stoltz), I decided what the heck. So I’ve started Twittering. And I’m having a blast. So if you feel like it, check out my Twitter page. (Or is it a Twitter feed? I’m probably already getting the nomenclature wrong, thus proving I’m not actually one of the cool kids.)

One response to “In which I join the cool kids on Twitter

  1. bydanielvictor

    I’ve been a big Twitter skeptic myself, but I decided to go on a one-month trial. Have to say, it’s been much better than expected.

    It’s amazing how fast news travels there through the locals. All of a sudden the breaking news blog on my newspaper’s Web site doesn’t seem so breaking anymore.