Daily Archives: February 14, 2008

David Broder’s meaningless centrism

Washington Post columnist David Broder is at this point basically a joke among serious political writers and bloggers. To them, he represents the pointlessness and shallowness of a certain kind of mainstream newspaper political coverage: A mindset that fetishizes objectivity and even-handedness to the point of prizing, above all else, “bipartisanship” for the sake of bipartisanship regardless of the policies involved.

According to this mindset, the havoc wreaked by tax cuts, cronyism, and Republicans’ turning K Street into another arm of government were not the result of deliberate policies and practices by one party, but rather occurred because of “partisan gridlock,” because “Washington is broken.” Thus bipartisan action is always good, regardless of whether the legislation produced by such action is sound. (The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait is one of the best critics of this view, and his book The Big Con is a must-read for anyone interested in this sort of thing.)

Broder’s column Thursday about the recently enacted economic stimulus package is an almost comically perfect example of this shallow strain of argument. Continue reading

That worrisome Indy trailer

So the first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Blah Blah Blah Skull has been released. I can’t say I’m any less worried than I was before.

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You don’t get any sense that this one has a story; plus Marian appears for approximately .23 seconds; plus witness Indy’s wisecrack when he lands in the truck. I hope I’m wrong, but after a recent re-watching of Temple of Doom (full report forthcoming!) I’m not getting my hopes up.